Our Mission

The patient “no-show” problem has produced significantly worse health outcomes for patients, created stress and frustration for clinicians, and drained billions of dollars from health organizations.

Even worse, while many doctors, nurses, and administrators recognize the nuance of the problem, product innovations have been slow to meet the challenge.

We’re changing all of that.

Supported by National Institutes of Health (NIH) research and innovation awards, we’ve attracted a talented team of mission-driven researchers, engineers, and product leaders who are translating innovative science on patient adherence and behavior change into a life-changing solution.

All to meet our mission: Eliminate the “No-Show” problem in healthcare for good.

For patients, we’ve developed personalized supportive interventions for adherence because we know that missed appointments are most often the result of a combination of factors that disproportionately impact the most vulnerable  populations.

We also recognize that missed appointments represent a tremendous challenge for healthcare providers who work tirelessly to improve the lives of the most patients possible but are limited by time and resources.

How would your practice look if you had the equivalent of two extra hours each day to educate, motivate, and support your patients?

The Aqueduct Cast

Our team

Bill Tan
Founder & CEO

Bill’s work is inspired by his experience as a family interpreter and the many opportunities he has been able to access as a result of being multilingual. Through the delivery of innovative solutions, Bill firmly believes that complex, systematic barriers such as the language gap can be effectively managed and eventually eliminated. He envisions a future where equitable access to the same opportunities and resources is available to all in the fields of healthcare, education, and social services.

Mark Lawley
VP of Engineering

Mark's engineering background started in video games and virtual reality and branched out into mobile and chatbot applications, large-scale enterprise systems, machine learning with protein molecules and human cells, satellite systems, biotech, geospatial applications, and medtech. He has held senior director, senior engineer, tech lead, software engineer, and senior consultant roles at Provivi, Ursa Space Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, and more. Every week, he dances the Argentine tango, practices martial arts, plays the piano, and runs tabletop RPGs. Once upon a time, he was an adjunct lecturer in creative writing at NYU and started coding in a video game design course that put him on a new career trajectory.

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