Who is Aqueduct for?

Aqueduct was developed for any healthcare clinic, group, or system wishing to eliminate patient no-shows at their offices.

How does Aqueduct personalize patient communication?

When they first enroll, patients complete a brief set of surveys about their background, health history, and behaviors. Behind the scenes, the proprietary Aqueduct algorithm assigns patients to a "profile cluster" that determines which types of informational, educational, and motivational messages they receive.

What time and effort is required to use Aqueduct?

Providers or administrators can use Aqueduct's templates for creating interventions, which allows for speedy initiation of a project, or modify templates as desired. Once an Aqueduct intervention is designed, we can help you train and onboard front desk staff with a 1-hour virtual training.
*For a limited time, new clients receive 100% free white-glove system set up

How is Aqueduct accessed?

Aqueduct is currently a web-based platform that can be accessed via a web browser on a computer, phone, or tablet. Our platform was designed to work effectively on both Android and Apple systems.

Does Aqueduct interface with clinic systems (e.g., EPIC or other EHRs)?

Not at this time.

We're focused on proof-of-concept pilot studies at this stage before proceeding with the extensive investment needed for system integrations.

How are patients invited to use the Aqueduct system?

Providers or administrators can use the unique link provided within an Aqueduct project to invite patients to sign up with Aqueduct. The link can be copied into an email or secure message. If your clinic wishes to enroll large numbers of patients at the same time, Aqueduct's Customer Support will assist with inviting your list.

Are there privacy and data protections in place to ensure proper handling of patient PHI?


Our team of engineers are experienced in developing healthcare platforms, and we have previously undergone extensive technology security testing with pilot partners. We can provide your team with any information necessary to ensure you are comfortable with Aqueduct's backend and data security protocols.

Who funds the patients rewards aspect of the Aqueduct intervention?

Clinics or health systems that adopt the Aqueduct platform are responsible for funding their patient rewards program. The platform takes care of all of the logistics of earning, tracking, and redeeming points for rewards. Points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, based upon a clinic's preferences and budget. Aqueduct's return on investment calculator will help clinics estimate their return on investment via increased appointment attendance.

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