The root of the “no-show problem” has been misunderstood. 

In spite of the widespread adoption of appointment reminder systems, patient appointment non-adherence drains an estimated $150 billion from the US economy and costs health systems an average of 14% in lost revenue every single year.

Beyond the bottom line, missed appointments also represent a tremendous inefficiency that negatively impacts the delivery of quality care to all patients, as missed appointments means fewer patients that clinicians are able to treat in a timely manner.

In these ways, patient no-shows have direct consequences for all parties and leave healthcare providers feeling frustrated and powerless by the lack of adequate tools or time to solve the problem. 

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Aqueduct is not an appointment reminder system…and that’s why it works.

Recent research has confirmed that patients’ reasons for missed appointments are diverse and continuously evolving, but include challenges with health literacy, motivation, long wait times, transportation, language barriers, and more.

Even so, increasingly sophisticated patient engagement systems still focus on forgetfulness as the primary driver of missed appointments. But the research is clear: There is no one-size-fits-all solution to helping patients attend their appointments.

That’s why we developed the digital Aqueduct platform: to give your organization the tools to support and solve your patients’ unique adherence challenges beyond simple appointment reminders.

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Aqueduct's Digital Solution for Reducing Missed Appointments

Aqueduct empowers health groups to partner with their patients with a customizable patient relationship system that gives you the tools to solve for your patient population’s unique adherence challenges, all in one easy to use digital platform. 

With support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Aqueduct’s multi-stream approach to reducing missed appointments leverages the science of cognitive-behavioral interventions for adherence, public health communication strategies, and logistical support. 

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Set up Aqueduct in 4 simple steps

Step 1
Select Patient Behaviors

Choose from our list of pre-set behavior targets in Aqueduct's Library of Adherence Behaviors or create your own.

Step 2
Choose Patient Rewards

Tailor the incentives offered to patients -- from gift cards to health promotion services.

Step 3
Pick Patient Messages

Customize the educational and motivational messages patients will receive from Aqueduct's Library of Messages.

Step 3
Get Patients Activated

Distribute your clinic's sign-up link so that patients can seamlessly enroll in their personalized adherence intervention.

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