Ending the "No-Show" Problem Requires More than Reminders.

Reminder systems don't work. That's why we developed Aqueduct: an NIH-funded, patient relationship management tool for healthcare practices that employs a unique 3-pronged approach to decrease non-adherence, improve health outcomes, and save your organization time and money.

Educating, motivating, and partnering with patients...

Aqueduct moves beyond traditional appointment reminder tools. It translates the science of behavior-change into an easy-to-use relationship-building tool that empowers providers to support patients’ healthy choices based on their unique needs. 


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Reminder systems don't work...


The No-Show Problem

Patient non-adherence is a serious challenge that not only leads to poor health outcomes for millions of patients per year, but also hampers providers’ ability to deliver timely and affordable care.

That’s why our team of behavioral health technology experts created Aqueduct – to translate the science behind behavior change into an efficient, easy-to-use platform that drives better outcomes without any added time burdens on staff.

The patient "No-Show Problem" is not about forgetfulness.

Research has shown that forgetfulness is not the primary driver of appointment no-shows, but it is instead related to a mix of personal and systems-level factors.


We're Moving Beyond Reminder Messages

Aqueduct's Unique 3-Pronged Approach...


1. Get to know your patients.

Brief surveys capture patients’ demographics and psychographics, and the system personalizes communications and interventions accordingly, allowing you to easily send tailored messages to patients with evidence-based communication strategies for behavior change.

2. Reward healthy behavior.

Patients earn points and rewards for attending appointments on-time and completing desired actions.


3. Coordinate transportation.

Use our simple interactive decision support tool to connect with the best medical transportation services for patients in your area in seconds.

You'll also get these tools and perks as an added bonus...


Monitor and Track Your Data.

Review real-time project analytics to monitor KPIs, identify effective mechanisms of action, and track iterative intervention improvements.


We'll set you up (for free).

One of our qualified staff will help you set up your Aqueduct system so that you can start eliminating appointment no-shows and improving your care immediately. 


Earn CE units, stay compliant.

We’ll even train your staff with a 1-hour, CE-eligible course so that your unique program stays compliant.

Using Aqueduct in 4 simple steps...

Step 1: Setup


Use our simple, guided project planner to set up an incentive program that fits your needs.

Step 2: Check-In


Record patients' attendance status and other adherence records.

Step 3: Engagement


Engage patients with automated text and emails on their rewards.

Step 4: Analytics


Review project outcomes for iterative improvements.

Quotes Aq

Like an aqueduct guiding water to communities in need, Aqueduct helps guide resources to your most pressing patient adherence problems.

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